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  • SLOVNAFT POLSKA S.A. is fully owned by refinery-petrochemical company SLOVNAFT Bratislava which is a part of the MOL Group. The activities of SLOVNAFT Bratislava include refining crude oil, distribution and sales of a full range of modern refinery and petrochemical products. 
  • The fuel is imported to Poland from the SLOVNAFT Bratislava refinery, which has undergone thorough modernisation and is at present one of the most modern facilities of the kind in Europe. The fuels produced in the company are characterised by an excellent quality and they not only meet the quality standards obtaining in EU but in a number of cases, they exceed the standards considerably.
  • SLOVNAFT POLSKA is recognised as reliable supplier of high-quality fuel. The company strives to achieve a similar status as a creator of partner petrol station network. This is a co-operation model which sets a new standard in the relationships betweeen a petrol company and private station operators.
  • The customers who seek shelter at the aegis of SLOVNAFT POLSKA may rest assured that they construct the future on a solid foundation.