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Fuels Drive
  • Upgraded fuels at a private station

Only the partner stations of SLOVNAFT offer the complete range of technologically advanced fuels, the so called upgraded fuels. The innovative nature and the highest quality of these fuels guarantee that the customers of the partner stations of SLOVNAFT will enjoy an undisturbed operation and lower costs of use of their vehicles.

Our upgraded fuels are branded 

  • A unique formula

Our upgraded fuels have been developed by the MOL Group in co-operation with renowned international corporations. The additives applied have been selected on the basis of an analysis of contemporary trends in engine design, results of comprehensive laboratory research, engine tests, and a long experience in the field of additives used in engine fuels. The results of application of upgrading additives in the SLOVNAFT Drive range of fuels include among others:
- a longer life cycle of the engine
- a reduced fuel consumption
- the protection against corrosion plus cleaning
- the optimum engine performance.

We have developed a product which will restore the power of your vehicle and make it more friendly to the environment.

  • Fuel quality

SLOVNAFT POLSKA makes every effort to ensure the best quality of fuels offered, monitoring them at all stages of the distribution process. To achieve the constant high quality of fuels, individual petrol grades and diesel oil delivered to the partner stations are additionally inspected by a specialist service provider. All drivers who use the services of our partner station can be sure that they receive a fuel of high quality guaranteed by the manufacturer.

The upgrading additives of a new type, used in the SLOVNAFT Drive range of fuels, significantly improve the properties of fuels. With respect to fuel systems, our new detergents have two major effects: they clean the system and keep it clean. This results in an improved vehicle performance which can be readily observed by the driver, and in particular:
- in enhanced engine power,
- in better acceleration,
- in a reduced fuel consumption.

The fuels have excellent anti-corrosion properties which protect metal components of the engine; and also significantly improved lubrication properties. As regards diesel engines, a valuable property of our fuel results from the application of excellent anti-foam additives and agents separating water particles. This is of particular importance for vehicle operation in the winter season.

An example of effects achieved with the use of upgrading additives in the SLOVNAFT Drive range of fuels offered by SLOVNAFT.

Fuels without upgrading additives
A petrol engine                A diesel engine


Deposit on the intake valve     Deposit on the injector

Fuels upgraded by Slovnaft


The SLOVNAFT Drive range of fuels will enable you to enjoy an undisturbed operation and reduced costs of use of your car. Our enriched fuel will make internal components of the engine more resistant to corrosion, and consequently more durable.

The effect of anti-corrosion additives

The new fuel is suitable for all car types, regardless of their age and fuel intake method – we help all engines recover their full performance. Each product offered by SLOVNAFT is unique and perfect.